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Project Highlight: Tank Cleaning

Capra presented a solution by utilizing a positive pressure modular type to prevent vaporized formaldehyde from being released into the atmosphere. To address this, a positive pressure enclosure known as “Habitats” was employed. The installation of these habitats was carried out by two specialists.

Project Highlight: ACE™ Ratchet Collar – Slim

CAPRA completed a project for PETRONAS, delivering 230 units of 14” Slim Arc and 106 units of 9-7/8” Slim ARC. This substantial supply not only showcases CAPRA’s efficiency but also underscores our commitment to meeting client needs. The project’s seamless execution and prompt delivery demonstrate CAPRA’s reliability as a trusted partner in providing quality solutions.

Project Highlight: Rotating Reamer Shoe – GeoproHYDRA™

CAPRA’s groundbreaking project in Malaysia showcased innovation with the 9-5/8″ GeoproHYDRA™ rotating reamer shoe. This deployment marked the first-ever application of such technology in the country, highlighting CAPRA’s commitment to pushing boundaries and introducing cutting-edge solutions.

Project Highlight: Pressure & Valve Test

CAPRA excels in pressure and valve test projects, showcasing expertise in pressure relief valve assessments, hydrotesting, and comprehensive valve tests. Our proficiency ensures the reliability and safety of critical systems, with a focus on precision and compliance.

Project Highlight: Inspection & Calibration

CAPRA has successfully undertaken various inspection and calibration projects. Our expertise extends to lifting gear, encompassing inspection, calibration, and load testing services. These projects have played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of equipment for a wide spectrum of clients.