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Geopro Oilfield Technologies

Capra (M) Sdn Bhd was appointed as the exclusive agent to supply all the product of Geoprotech Oilfield Technologies for Malaysia and Indonesia region.

Geopro HYDRA™ Ultra-high Speed Multipurpose Shoe

The Geopro HYDRA™ ultra-high-speed tool family, recognized as "multi-purpose," serves various well functions. Configurable for casing, liners, or completions in challenging boreholes, it can also function as a jetting or cleanup tool, or with a wire brush for effective wellbore cleanup at the end of wash pipe, tubing, or coil tubing.

GeoPro REACTv Sub

The REACTv Sub enhances drilling efficiency through minimized reliance on numerous wiper trips and back-reaming, ensuring optimal weight transfer to the bit. Distinguished by a mud-cooled bearing system, it delivers up to 6,000 ft-lbs of torque via precision stabilizer blades. Uniquely fluid-activated, it requires no string rotation, allowing added torque through drill string rotation.

Ulterra Drilling Technologies

Ulterra is the largest independent global supplier of PDC drill bits used to drill oil and gas wells. Capra was appointed as the exclusive agent to supply all the products of Ulterra Drilling Technologies for Malaysia.

PDC Bit - CounterForce

Ulterra's CounterForce tackles drilling dysfunction arising from lateral vibration. Field-proven in 20+ global basins, CounterForce PDC bits set records in every interval, drilling 50 million feet annually. Ulterra's patented technology empowers operators to regain control of their BHA, mitigating vibration's harmful effects and achieving heightened performance levels.


Ulterra's RipSaw, a PDC bit, ensures smooth drilling through varying conditions. By limiting torque spikes and providing consistent engagement, it enhances performance and sustains ROP, particularly in challenging environments with high interfacial severity. Ulterra's award-winning RipSaw technology anticipates and adapts the depth of cut to resist sudden changes in rock properties, enhancing overall drilling efficiency.

PDC Bit - Split Blade

Ulterra's award-winning Split Blade® is a revolutionary PDC bit with advanced hydraulics, making waves since 2018. Used globally, its patented design has completed 5,000+ runs, drilling 30 million feet, and saving valuable hours with improved evacuation and longer cutter life, defining a new era in high-performance drill bits for the Oil and Gas industry.

The Bulletproof Valve

TorkBusterTD™ is a downhole tool designed to isolate HFTO and stick-slip and neutralize their harmful effects on the BHA. TorkBusterTD™ constantly deflects dysfunction out at the same frequency it originates and manages healthy drill string rotation.

Ace Well Technology

Established in 2012, Ace Well Technology is on a mission to provide a reliable tool for anchoring tools to tubing with exceptional holding force. The result is the Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC), the first 90,000 lb+ rated stop collar on the market. Ideal for close tolerance operations, ARC securely locks downhole components without loose parts or impact on drift, making it suitable for harsh operating conditions.

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Innovex excels in crafting mission-critical solutions for global upstream onshore and offshore activities. Integrating top-notch engineering with conventional and proprietary technologies like WearSox®, SwivelMASTER®, Bubba dissolvable frac plugs, QCI artificial lift tech, and a comprehensive array of fishing tools, Innovex delivers unparalleled expertise in drilling, completion, and intervention.

Alpha Wellhead System

The Alpha Wellhead System sets the stage for success throughout the life of your well. Build a partnership that begins with the Wellhead and continues throughout the life of your well with multiple collaboration opportunities and seamless transitions cross the drilling, construction, completion, and production phases of the well.

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SUDELAC’s expertise spans drilling and completions tool technology, well cementing equipment, well abandonment, third-party equipment inspection, and failure investigation. As a UK-based upstream oil and gas service business founded in 2010, SUDELAC offers consultative services, managing new product development, commercialization, and Equipment Assurance Services. 

Additionally, their commitment to achieving net zero includes providing fuel additives and eco-friendly lubricants to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and lower operating maintenance costs.

EzeeDROPPER™ DP Cement Head

The EzeeDROPPER™ DP Cement Head simplifies drill pipe wiper dart and ball release for cementing operations. This rugged tool allows seamless dropping of countless devices without disrupting the drill pipe or connections. It requires no pre-loading, enabling easy placement of balls or darts manually, ensuring a straightforward, single-person operation for optimal efficiency.

FloatCHECKER PT Test Pod

Since July 2018, SUDELAC broadened its testing capabilities, extending pre-use pressure and load tests to float equipment from 16" to 20". This includes common sizes like 4.5", 7", and 9.5/8", and the introduction of a 16.000-20.000" FloatCHECKER PT Test Pod. Covering both new and older equipment, this capability ensures testing of float shoes, float collars, and reamer shoes up to their full API 10F rating.

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