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Project Highlight: Rotating Reamer Shoe – GeoproHYDRA™

Project Details

CAPRA’s groundbreaking project in Malaysia showcased innovation with the 9-5/8″ GeoproHYDRA™ rotating reamer shoe. This deployment marked the first-ever application of such technology in the country, highlighting CAPRA’s commitment to pushing boundaries and introducing cutting-edge solutions. The project not only demonstrated the effectiveness of the rotating reamer shoe but also positioned us as a trailblazer in advancing drilling technologies.

The successful utilization of this tool signifies a significant milestone in Malaysia’s oil and gas sector, setting a new standard for efficiency and precision in drilling operations.

Location: Bokor Field

Past Clients: PETRONAS

Rotating Shoe After Make Up with Casing Joint

Project Details

CAPRA’s success shines in the testing of the rotating reamer shoe project. Remarkably, two out of three 5-1/2″ GeoproHYDRA™ units were efficiently deployed during the Bayan C Project Phase 2. This achievement underscores CAPRA’s commitment to delivering effective and reliable solutions in the realm of oil and gas exploration. The utilization of innovative technologies ensures optimal performance and sets a high standard for future endeavors in the industry. The successful deployment marks a significant milestone, showcasing CAPRA’s prowess in pushing boundaries and meeting the evolving demands of the energy sector.

Location: Bayan Field

Past Clients: PETRONAS-Bayan

GeoProHYDRA™ Reamer Shoe