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Project Highlight: Tank Cleaning

Project Details

Problem Background: According to OSH Malaysia, the amount of formaldehyde in the air during work should not go beyond 0.3 ppm. Formaldehyde should be in well-ventilated spaces to minimize inhaling its vapor. Dealing with high concentrations of formaldehyde requires expertise in handling and storage. To reduce the risk of contact and chemical odors, Capra suggested employing chemically treated scrubbers.

Challenges: Confined space, High concentration of Formaldehyde (~50%) and Personnel.

Solutions: Capra presented a solution by utilizing a positive pressure modular type to prevent vaporized formaldehyde from being released into the atmosphere. To address this, a positive pressure enclosure known as “Habitats” was employed. The installation of these habitats was carried out by two specialists.

Location: Senawang

Sample of Pressurized Habitat

Equipment Set Up proposed by CAPRA