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News: Splice Clamp Speeds Completions Operations

STAVANGER, Norway – Ace Oil Tools has introduced the Ace Splice Clamp (ASC), a ‘sub-less’ downhole product designed to protect control lines during completion.

The system combines a shrouded crimp clamp with a splice sub. The splice blocks can either be provided by different vendors installing monitoring devices or can be hydraulically operated.

By attaching the ASC to the tubing or a pup joint, the clamp provides the same level of reliability and functionality offered typically by subs, Ace Oil Tools claims.

The system can be used below tubing hangers on subsea and dry trees, and above. It can also be deployed below the annulus safety valve, downhole safety valves, interval control valves, and packers.

The clamp, which is not threaded into the completion string, can be manufactured from standard materials and does not require premium threads. The company estimates savings of 6-8 hours of rig time per assembly using the ASC, compared to other options.

Two Norwegian oil companies have used the system on their wells.